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Welcome to my second site; visit my original site also at http://opalinelovebirds.com/ . I maintain both sites and update as birds are available here. I want to thank you for visiting my site's.
To all my visitors: If you've been wondering why nothing had been posted since June of last year? An unforeseen divorce had an impact. I've relocated to Hacienda Heights, California. Because it was an abrupt move. I lost quite a few top quality birds unable to handle stress in rare colors and also to lead poisoning found in tap water. I've installed 2 stage filtration system, but it came at cost. With that said; proven pair's have started producing along with new pair's . I've taken the opportunity to be even more selective about what I will be breeding and offering. However by being even more selective' it will impact availability and reduction of babies produced. I will be revising and uploading pictures for all to see my breeders and babies and my program. One of the reasons why I'm able to offer some of the best in the country. I pride myself in quality versus quantity
My name is Hector and I've been breeding birds since 1968. Like most I started with pigeons. Since then I've bred parakeets, Australian Neophemas like Scarlet chested, Turquoisines, Cockatiels, Red Rumps, Plumheads, Indian ring necks, finches etc. in wide range of mutations. In January 2010 I switched to lovebirds as I found them fascinating. I was intrigued over the wide range colors one could achieve selectively breeding mutations. I acquired 15 pairs in various visual combinations. I continued to research information available from breeders around the world. With input from author Terry Martin's genetics forum he hosted I became even more intrigued. I selectively bred my stock and took it to another level thereby cleaning blood line of bad crosses. I've added bloodlines from friends to incorporate into my blood line. I now had a very clean diverse line. In the short time since I started I accomplished my goal to produce clean white face birds free of apricot in various colors and combinations.  

My program is focused on White Face Violet in Opaline White Headed but have them in Turquoise, Dominant Violet or Turquoise Pied in limited numbers. I also have Recessive Turquoise Pied, Pallid, Edge Dilute in White Face, White Face Turquoise, White Face Lutino Opaline, Red Head Lutino Opaline, Lavender, Cinnamon Violet and combination phenotype.
If you’re just starting and not familiar with Opaline;  They can be visual Red, Orange, White, Yellow and Apricot colored heads including a wide range of color's. You can also go to links page and click on link to see pairing outcomes. There's tons of information available through the internet and bird forums in additions to you tube. You tube is fantastic to learn how to hand feed and or train young birds. 

I can definitely put together young pairs in color or mutation(s) of choice. From time to time I receive emails and phone calls asking why they're not getting quality birds from bird's bought from another breeder. I have made it a rule of thumb to never discuss birds bought from other breeder's as it's unprofessional and unfair to comment not knowing birds genetics background.  

I don't colony bred. Each pair is house separately to obtain the best results possible. I only raise Peach Face (Roseicollis) variety. I have a close aviary to protect my birds. I don't allow any one to bring their bird or birds. If in need of assistance to determine gender? I gladly help any one away from my aviary. My aviary is inspected annually by Doctor Butchko avian vet. 
I do not ship outside lower 48, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Guam or International. I recommend a third party to handle purchase and import / export logistics.  
Cashier’s checks, money order and personnel checks are welcomed for out of states buyers, local buyers are welcomed to come and select by appointment. Some bird(s) may not be posted as available due to being reserved in advance or as it becomes available have been pre-ordered. I do not accept Pay Pal.

Again if you're seeking for information on mutations, combination and out come? It's readily available on the internet or by visiting ALBS, Mutavi or from local bird clubs. Unlike other breeders; I retain some birds until they mature to verify my expectations have been met. I don't put pairs together just because they have pretty colors. I'm breeder - hobbyist, I'm very selective and picky. I'm one of a few breeders who will trade with other's locally and out of state breeder to meet goals I set for myself and also to help other breeders get to the next level.  

Because of past experience's I will only place bird (s) on reserve without deposit to allow payment arrival. 

I'll be adding information more links in the near future  

For purchase or inventory inquiries:
1 (323) 313-8367

Some of 2014 babies, those for sale are on available page
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